Float Equipment

PTEP provides all kind of float equipment to meet your drilling operation requirement. Material used for float equipment is seamless casing grade steel. Float equipment can be supplied in all grades of steel like K-55, L-80, N-80, C-95, T-95 and P110. Float equipment are tested and rated in compliance with API requires specs. The material used in the valves in High polymer plastic and valve is consisting of Natural rubber coated on phenolic substance. This non metallic valve encased and held in place with the high pressure cement mixture. The design and manufacturing process of valve allow for maximum circulation rates. These Shoes can be ordered in single or double valve and can also be supplied with cement nose, aluminum nose or bladed nose. It can be supply with non rotating plate. All float equipment are PDC drillable.

  • Float Shoe
  • Conventional Float Shoe and Float Collar
  • Double Valve Float Shoe
  • Eccentric Nose Aluminum
  • Aluminum Bullet Nose
  • Aluminum Spade Nose
  • Reamer Shoe
  • Differential Valve Float Equipment
  • Float Collar
  • Stab in Type Float Equipment
  • Flapper Type Float Shoe
  • Flapper Type Float Collar
  • Automatic Fill-Up Float Shoe
  • Automatic Fill-Up Float Collar
  • Non Rotated Collar
  • Landing Collar
  • Guide Shoe