Data Services

PTEP provides a wide range of oil and gas exploration services for all domains, geology, geophysics, petrophysics, petroleum engineering, production engineering and reservoir engineering. Our services include:

Seismic Interpretation

PTEP Geophysicist team provides conventional to advance seismic interpretation, horizon picking, mapping, reinterpreting and basin analysis for volumetric analysis and structural anakysis.

AVO and Seismic Inversion

PTEP Geophysicist team provides advance seismic inversion for available seismic data to allow the explorationist and geologist take a fresh look at the existing seismic data. This has been proven successful in many cases for industrial worldwide. AVO is the analysis of pre-stack seismic data for the purpose of evaluating and modeling Amplitude Versus Offset anomalies. Fluid system is modeled where seismic tied with wells and then propagated through the whole volume. Inversion can be done both on the post and pre-stack seismic. This process tries to extract fluid related properties of rocks from seismic amplitude and phase response. AVO or seismic inversion normally helps identify unswept reservoir blocks or identify new prospects in the vicinity of data calibration points.

Well Log Data Loading and Editing

PTEP log data specialist team provide support to customer log analyst for well log data loading to Log Analysis software e.g. Geolog, Geo Frame, Interactive Petrophysics, Tech Log and many other software available in the market. The service will streamline well log interpretation process and help Log Analyst to focus on the key task, which well log interpretation and analysis.

Well Log Interpretation

PTEP Log Analyst and Petrophysicist team are available for well log interpretation services for Logging While Drilling (LWD) data and Wireline data. We provide reinterpretation for pay zone assessment, true porosity and effective porosity analysis. Team is also available on call out basis for real-time interpretation for high profile exploration well.

Production Logging Interpretation

PTEP Reservoir Engineer and Log Analyst team are available for production logging quicklook and interpretation services. The services include flow contribution analysis, pressure and temperature analysis, gradiometer log, water flow log (WFL), spinner calibration, multi-layer reservoir production analysis.

Well Testing Interpretation and Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)

PTEP Reservoir Engineer teams provide well testing interpretation, pressure transient analysis, type curve matching, and multi-layer pressure transient analysis. The interpretation can be for quicker permeability analysis or formation or detail type curve matching and boundary analysis. We also provide numerical well test interpretation for extended well testing and production testing data.

Real-time Data Interpretation Support

PTEP Petrophysicist, Geologist, Geophysicist and Reservoir Engineer team also provide real-time data interpretation support for high profile exploration and appraisal wells or for making real-time decision on exploration and appraisal drilling.