Drill Bits

PDC Bits:

PDC bits are also known as fixed cutters because, unlike the tricone bit, there is no movement relative to the bit head. PDC bits shear rock with diamond faced pdc cutters affixed to tungsten carbide.

PDC cutters are created with high heat and high pressures. This creates a polycrystalline diamond compact. PDC cutters come in a variety of thicknesses for applications ranging from mining to oilfield.

PDC bits are used extensively in directional drilling. Directional drilling is used effectively for inland, offshore, and natural gas drilling.

Fixed cutter bits are dull graded in the same way as tricones using the IADC Dull Grading Classification System.

Drill Bits

Rock Bits:

Also known as roller cone bits or tricone bits, rock bits have three moving heads. Button bits have tungsten carbide inserts while tooth bits have steel teeth.

Much consideration goes into rock bit design, such as which bearing type to use.

Rock bits adhere to the same API standards as PDC bits.